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Glaucoma Treatment in Portsmouth, NH

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In the United States, over 200,000 people a year are diagnosed with glaucoma. A glaucoma diagnosis can be heart-wrenching, especially if it’s caught in mid-stage, and often times, there are no symptoms other than gradual vision loss. 

Although there isn’t a cure, there are various treatment options —including surgery. Excellent Vision can explore those options with you and help you to make an informed decision.

What Are My Options?

Once you’ve had a thorough eye exam, your ophthalmologist can recommend a comprehensive glaucoma treatment program. Treatment options could include any of the following:

Eye drops: Eye drops are used to help control eye pressure. The drops get absorbed into the bloodstream. Be sure to tell your ophthalmologist about all of your medications.

Pills: Depending on how the glaucoma is affecting your eyesight, medication may be prescribed to help dry out some of the production fluid.

If neither eye drops nor pills work to correct some of your eyesight, your doctor will most likely recommend you for surgery.

How Should I Prepare for Surgery?

Surgery preparations depend on your ophthalmologist and their recommendations. You will be advised to stop smoking or taking blood thinners before the surgery. Your eye care professional may have you do things, such as have a health assessment completed by your family physician, receive in-home care, and complete same-day surgery. 

Post-op care is just as critical as your pre-op. It is important to arrange a ride home and for someone to stay with you to help you with treatment.